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Sitewise Digital

17 S 6th St STE X18 Lafayette, IN 47901

Phone: 765-588-5577 E-mail: help@sitewisedigital.com

Sitewise Digital offers marketing and public relations solutions; strategy development, digital marketing, content creation, and public relations. We specialize in marketing services designed for small business, mid-size business, nonprofit, and public entities.


The Wise Story:
How It All Started

Jennifer Teising was working as a small business manager looking for ways to grow the business online. She found working in the digital marketing industry so enjoyable she partnered with a local digital marketing agency and fell in love with inbound leads! Seeing a 300-400% increase in inbounds leads for any business can make a significant impact on the bottom line.

Jennifer knew an awesome designer and marketing expert, Tonya Agnew, via the local chapter of the American Advertising Association. Together they cofounded Sitewise Digital. Jon Dison and Drew Atkinson quickly came along to strengthen the team. The team’s major focus is helping small to mid-size businesses and non-profit organizations. The goal is to provide small business owners and non-profit directors affordable digital marketing solutions without skimping on personal service.


A Digital Agency

Sitewise wants to be the number one solution in the United States for small service industry businesses DIY digital marketing services. Such as; Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Automated Marketing.

Forward Thinking

With the quick changing nature of technology if you do not advance you die. Sitewise Digital’s entire business model is designed to allow the team to automatically update all clients online presence. Keeping you updated with the latest advancements while keeping to your budget!

Problem Solvers

What makes us so good at our job? Problem solving is critical. We work hard to make sure that while the program is designed for everyone it fits your individual needs. Our team reviews EVERY client website for quality and that you are meeting your sales goals!

Customer Support

Our clients enjoy several ways to communicate with our team members. Phone, Email, Chat, and via the client portal you can create a support ticket. Typical turn around time is 2 – 12 hours. We excel at making digital marketing easy and efficient.


Jennifer Teising

Jennifer Teising

Business Development

I have worked in business development and customer service for 15 years. The most exciting part of my job is being able to develop solutions that save small business owners money by increasing their return on investment.

Hobbies include reading, learning, technology, automated marketing and scuba diving.

Tonya Agnew

Tonya Agnew

Marketing Director

My marketing career started over 15 years ago at Purdue University and I love the diverse nature of my job. It is extremely fulfilling to be their next to our clients as they realize their business and sales goals.

Hobbies include technology, SEO, social media, traveling, hiking, and my wonderful family including the four-legged variety.

Jon Dison

Jon Dison

Server Management

Working to build the proper environment, creating automated updating of clients online presence and ensuring our clients website security is what I love most about my job.

Hobbies include learning, technology, boating and spending time with my family.

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