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Your business brand is more than just a logo it’s a personality that identifies your products or services.

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Sitewise Digital offers digital marketing solutions; website design, search engine optimization, social media, content, and automated marketing for small businesses throughout the United States.

Why brand creation comes first

Before you can even think about building your website, search engine optimization and social media marketing programs you have to know who you are. Brand creation is where to start. What is your mission? What are the features and benefits of your products and services? What qualities do you want people to associate with your company? How are you different than your competitors? Your brand is in the answers to these questions. We’ll help you set your company apart.

Wise brand creation

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We are experienced design and marketing professionals with 15 years of experience helping companies create and grow their brands. Our experience will save you time and money by getting it right the first time.

3 Service Levels

To fit any budget! Our WISEST brand package includes everything you will need for your small business; brand strategy guide, brand graphic standards, company name, company logo, and company tag line.



Content creation is the new “it” word in marketing, but before you can start talking you need to understand your companies voice and personality. We will help you discover your companies voice and document how and where it should be used.

Brand creation pricing


  • Intended for startups in need of logo and brand colors
  • You will complete an online questionnaire that guides you through our Wise brand creation process
  • $25 per round of revisions
  • Revisions completed via email
  • We create brand guide with a logo and brand colors


  • Intended for small businesses that understand the value of having their brand created by a marketing professional
  • We complete brand worksheet together
  • 2 rounds of revisions included
  • Revisions completed via email
  • We create brand guide with a logo, brand colors, brand philosophy and brand persona



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